What is SİSBİS?

Insurance Fraud Information Sharing System (SİSBİS) is a central database under which the “wrongful insurance practices” provided by the third parties and insurance companies are recorded together with the data that may be subject to insurance fraud acts.

SİSBİS covers auto, health, life and all other insurance branches.

What is the Objective of SİSBİS?

For the insurance companies;

  • Reducing the additional fraud costs,
  • Whether or not to include risks in the scope of coverage,
  • Enabling more accurate decisions with regard to the pricing of the risks.

For the insured parties;

  • ​Protecting the interests of the honest insured parties.
  • Reducing the premium costs.

Possible Samples for Insurance Fraud Situations by Insurance Companies

  • Fraud situations that are resolved by the court.
  • Claims application situations that are subject to prosecution investigations.
  • Situations where disclaimer is obtained from the insured in case of fraud situations that are revealed by the company.
    • Claims applications with fraudulent documents.
    • Suspicious claims applications based on misleading statements.
    • Situations where policy is issued after claims.
  • Situations where companies rejects due to the fraud, and the insured party sues the insurance company.
  • Situations related Driving under the influence of alcohol (share of driver risk information when a claims is rejected due to driving under the influence of alcohol).
  • Situations related to Driver Information (share of driver risk information where it is rejected by insufficient driver’s license).
  • Situations where companies require additional research due to Fraud Suspicion.

Informing About Wrongful Insurance Practices

In the event that you cause any action for providing unfair advantages to you or any third party in insurance relationship where you have a title of Insured/Policy holder/Beneficiary/Right Holder, you may receive insufficient compensation or may not receive compensation at all and a criminal action may be applied pursuant to the provisions of Turkish Criminal Code and the “Regulation on Determination, Notification, Recording of Wrongful Insurance Practices and Principles and Procedures for the Fighting Against These Practices. ” published in the Official Gazette No. 27920 dated 30 April 2011.