About Us

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (SİSEB) which commenced its activities on 2015 was established in order to support the insurance industry’s efforts on fight against fraud and to prevent the financial losses with respect to this matter. SİSEB continues its works aimed at the prevention of particularly the organized fraud acts in the insurance industry of Turkey which also constitutes one of the sectors in which the persons conducting fraud in order to obtain unjustified benefits intensify such as the world insurance sector and creation of the public perception of “insurance fraud is a crime” and increasing of confidence in the insurance system by means of developing early warning systems through the usage of analytical models. The basic legal grounds of the SİSEB are article 31/B and 32 of the Insurance Law numbered 5684, the Regulation on Detection, Notification and Recording of Wrongful Insurance Practices and Principles and Procedures for Fighting Against These Practices and article on aggravated fraud (article 158/k) of the Turkish Criminal Law in terms of the determination of the fact that the wrongful insurance practices constitute crimes. Within the context of the effective fight against insurance fraud; reduction of the financial losses, ensuring coordination and cooperation, sharing of the special reports upon analysis of the data which will be required by the sector, planning of the awareness trainings aimed at fight against the insurance fraud, development of activities for the determination and prevention of fraud, ensuring active participation to the technical analysis and decision processes, provision of the necessary legal infrastructure and implementation of the legislative amendments are stated among the main activities of SİSEB.