SUVA Chases Frauds As More Methods are Now Being Used in Insurance Fraud

The SUVA saved millions of francs by pursuing the swindler in terms of the insurance fraud which has gradually become more assorted.

The SUVA (Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund) constitutes one of the largest accident insurance institutions and it is stated to have prevented the unjust payments above the amount of 17 million francs in 2019.  The SUVA became obliged to allocate daily allowances for 250,000 individual cases in the previous year and insurance fraud was detected in terms of 1,809 suspicious cases which were subjected to investigations afterwards. By this means, the execution of the payment at the additional amount of 17 million franc was precluded to be made to the persons who committed insurance fraud.

According to the statements of the SUVA, it was indicated that the classical insurance fraud cases and individual misconduct cases were intensively encountered until a few years ago and that the cases of false retirement and daily allowance by means of deficient information and statements on an individual basis prevailed.

When the last years are taken into account; the SUVA stated that the company establishments aimed only at the execution of insurance fraud were existent and that the SUVA intensively encountered fake bankruptcies, illegal working cases and the invoices which are miscalculated by the hospitals, doctors and therapists.

In the cases of suspect or detection regarding the existence of insurance fraud or misconduct, the SUVA suspends the payments immediately and it immediately makes a denunciation to the Prosecution Office with regard to the suspect.