"Insurance" scam for victims of accidents

A gang based in Adana, led by O.K., pursued the social media accounts, the web sites and the forums where the details of people who had accidents are published, and swindled more than 20 people by promising them the insurance money. The gang's plan was brought to a halt with the operation by the police.

According to news from Sigorta Medya, after some citizens who had accidents with their vehicles reported to the Pickpocketing and Fraud Bureau of the Public Security Office of the Police Department of Adana that they had been swindled, the police started an operation and detected a criminal organization led by O.K. Upon obtaining permission from the prosecution office, the police started a technical and physical surveillance. It was stated that the members of the gang used websites where details of vehicles that had accident are published to find people's phone numbers, and introduced themselves as insurers. It was stated that the gang swindled over 20 people and collected approximately 200,000 Turkish Liras.

25 citizens' money was recovered
After the police started to pursue the suspects and detected that the gang was using the same method to swindle 25 citizens, they froze the bank accounts to which people sent the money ranging from 5 to 15 thousand liras.

Gang lord arrested in bed
Yesterday at dawn, the police carried out the simultaneous operations to the 20 addresses, foremost the domicile of O.K., the leader of the gang. Since O.K. did not open the door, the police broke it with a battering ram. O.K., together with his friends, was gotten on the ground and handcuffed. The arrested criminals are still under interrogation at the police station.

Source: Sigortamedya.com.tr