In Slovenia, a woman “cut her hand from the ankle” in order to execute insurance fraud

In Sloven, a woman aged 21 was accused of cutting her hand from the ankle by circular saw with the help of her family, in order to execute insurance fraud. In the information provided by the police, the woman was stated to have cut her hand by circular saw in order to receive the total amount of 400 thousand Euro and three thousand Euro insurance payment per month. It was stated that the woman and one of her relatives were arrested and they shall be in prison for a period up to 8 years if found guilty.

It was indicated that her relatives took the woman to the hospital and they stated that she cut her hand while she was truncating the ramuscules, other four members of the family were also taken into custody and that two of them were released subsequently. It was also stated by the officials that they did not bring the hand which was cut in order for the injury to be permanent, however, that the hand was found and it was treated on time afterwards.