First arrest for forged “No Damage” report

It is reported that a number of methods are now considered as criminal offence under the new regulation governing sales of used cars, and the law enforcement officials arrested 13 people on the charge of selling a large number of vehicles as undamaged vehicles although these vehicles have records of heavy damage. 
With the new regulation on the sale of used vehicles, many methods have been criminalized and that the related security officers have reportedly held 13 people claiming that they have sold a large number of vehicles with severe damage record as if they were undamaged.
It is stated that the new regulations introduced for sales second hand automobiles will be prevent by fraud and the list of galleries authorized to buy and sell vehicles will be announced on the website of Ministry of Customs and Trade. The Second Hand Motor Land Vehicle Trading Data System, which will be formed by the Ministry, has been given authorization certificates in the system and cancelled; professional competence certificate approved and canceled persons; , enterprises that have been granted service adequacy certificates  and canceled will be included in the system.. When you deliver a second hand vehicle to a car showroom, a vehicle certificate of delivery shall be issued and delivered to you at least two copies, and name and surname or business name of the parties and name of enterprise as well as ID and contact details shall be on the delivery certificate and it is reported vehicle title and kilometer information as well as information about painted and replaced parts shall be written in this document. 

In the past few days related to this topic, a gang, which uses several methods to advertise heavily damaged vehicles as undamaged vehicles and then sells the vehicles, has been recently busted. The gang that sells heavily damaged vehicles over the Internet is said to have gained about 5 million liras of unfair earnings by defrauding almost 400 people in 40 cities. After the completion of the interrogation of 14 people, 13 of the suspects taken to the court are arrested after interrogation and one suspect is released but subject to judicial control decision.

Mersin Provincial Gendarmerie Command’s Department of Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch and Silifke District Gendarmerie Command’s teams have started an operation coordinated by the Silifke Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office and they busted 22 different addresses in Silifke District of Mersin and several districts of Adana after 4-months technical and physical follow-up; residences and offices of the suspects were searched and the officers confiscated 17 cell phones, 52 SIM cards, one unlicensed shotgun, 490 notarized sales contracts, power of attorney, expertise reports and financial report.